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Great place top quality food 100% recommend to everyone

Richard, 22 Nov 2020

I didn't receive my milkshake with my order. My peri peri chips were cold and not very nice and my burger was burnt to a crisp.

Deanne, 21 Nov 2020

You constantly deliver my food at least half hour before I have specified. I wont order again

Nikki, 21 Nov 2020

Ordered the oreo waffles which is stated come with with ice cream??.. its basically 2 dry waffles with crushed biscuit on top which anyone could do at home in seconds... minus the ice cream!!! Proper disappointment

Andrew, 20 Nov 2020

Food was cold donnor meat was hard used to be best around not anymore

James, 18 Nov 2020

Amazing service and the food was amazing

Claire Perrymansmalley, 18 Nov 2020


Nathan, 14 Nov 2020

Ordered at 17:15 didn't turn up till 19:45! Then when it got here the curry was burst in the bottom of the bag nothing in the actual tray! Not even half off the order was in the bag! Asked for a refund and it took another nearly 2 hours !

Nicola Greenwood, 14 Nov 2020

Generally ordered food from here and happy with the service but ordered today with the large cookie dough and at 8.05 pound the size of this cookie is tiny and an absolute rip off for the price don't order this!

Mr Aaron J Cochran, 14 Nov 2020


Always decent food and fast delivery

Martin, 14 Nov 2020

Food came quick as usual and very tasty as always on a Friday a tasty treat and good price

Jane, 13 Nov 2020

becaful with this place this used be my best takeaway until order chicken tikka kebab large one only got donner meat no chicken tikka

Lee, 11 Nov 2020

Great food at great prices

Steve, 06 Nov 2020

No chips in the half and half No prawns in the prawn starter and everything had leaked in the bag all over bag soaking

Aimee, 31 Oct 2020

Why delivery charge over £10??

Nikki, 24 Oct 2020

Charging for delivery is ridiculous but the food is always good

Kerry, 24 Oct 2020

Why isnt 15%off has stated on leaflets and free delivery has also stated

Sharon, 23 Oct 2020

Ordered, collected eaten in space of 30mins, was very nice

Philip, 23 Oct 2020

Always good food, prompt delivery but ridiculous that you charge delivery on website but it’s free when telephone order

Kerry, 23 Oct 2020

Ordered food and the driver decides to give my food and drinks to someone else what service is this

Lauren, 22 Oct 2020

Referring to previous review about the overcharging... the food was nice but would not order again unless they stop the shenanegans overcharging.

John, 18 Oct 2020

The text messages say 15% online discount but It's only 10%. Also, I got charged £1.50 delivery when the leaflet clearly says Free Home Delivery. It wasn't a small order ..twenty quid. So I got overcharged the delivery fee AND the missing 5% discount! There's also a 50p "service charge" ... I've never heard of this before .... do other take aways have a "service charge" ??

John, 18 Oct 2020

Always nice

Ashley, 15 Oct 2020

Absolutely furious, me and my boyfriend ordered at 9:20 and was told an expected 40-60min wait but after 1hour 20 I rang to enquirer where my order was to be poorly conceived on the phone it was on it way shortly to then not receiving the order by 11:40 and still no show so I expect you have forgotten my order. You have also reflected to answer the phone after our first convocation leaving no help. Disgusted. I expect action to be taken involving a refund at minimum.

Abbie, 13 Oct 2020

been a customer for 20 years this was my first online order!! one of the best takeaway in the area

Gary, 09 Oct 2020

Food not hot slow service

Anthony, 09 Oct 2020